People don’t easily fit into pigeon-holes, and so neither does this blog. In the past when I’ve run a more personal blog I’ve asked people which elements of it they most enjoyed reading and ended up with something of a hodge-podge of responses. Some people wanted to know what I’d been up to, some people enjoyed my posts about improvised comedy, and others liked the mix. So I’ve decided to go for a mix here too, and so each post might discuss

  • Science, especially Physics,
  • Science Communication,
  • Improvised Comedy,
  • Radio Production,
  • Something entirely unrelated that it seemed to make sense to post about, or
  • A mixture of the above.

Some more information about my current and past projects (including podcasts), and also my videos and photos can be found by clicking on the links at the top of the page.

I hope that you find this eclectic mix interesting, and please feel free to comment!


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