Burst the Bubble 2011_01_30 – Michael Conterio, Chris Smowton, Rich Wareham

http://mc.aqxs.net/static/BurstTheBubble/BurstTheBubble2011_01_30.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (29.7MB) This week, Chris, Michael and guest Rich Wareham discuss a good job to me the possibility for unwanted state gifts getting taken back and passed on to other countries, stories which narrowly avoid actual celebrities, and robotic camel jockies. They also get Read more…

Burst the Bubble 2011_01_23 – Michael Conterio, Chris Smowton

http://mc.aqxs.net/static/BurstTheBubble/BurstTheBubble2011_01_23.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (32.0MB) This week, only Captain Dr Ninja MP QC can save us! Also, Michael and Chris discuss an overloaded carrier pigeon, MyPolice, and a round up of the slightly less discussable stories in the Anthology of Marginal Interest.

Burst the Bubble 2011_01_09 – Michael Conterio, Chris Smowton

http://mc.aqxs.net/static/BurstTheBubble/BurstTheBubble2011_01_09.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (32.1MB) In the first show of 2011, Chris makes his New Year’s resolution to become a better fraudster, there are suggestions of time-travelling criminals, while other crimnals steal ducks, and we hail the return of the medieval catapult.

Burst the Bubble 2010_12_19 – Michael Conterio, Chris Smowton, CJ Donnelly

http://mc.aqxs.net/static/BurstTheBubble/BurstTheBubble2010_12_19.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (32.7MB) This week, Chris, Michael and guest CJ Donnelly dicuss Christmas trees for stopping war or for the hanging of watches from, come close to committing treason with their references to the Queen and Prince Charles, pay tribue to Captain Beefheart, and discuss Read more…