Rarely found without a smile on his face, Michael is a comedian, educator, and surprisingly energetic person.


Stand-up and Improv

Michael has years of experience with performing both stand-up and improvised comedy. He was a member of the Cambridge Impronauts, and is a member of the Science Showoff Talent Factory.

Escape the Lab

Physics Themed Escape Room

Michael has created a Physics-themed Escape Room which has been attempted (and often completed!) by teams at both the Cambridge Science Festival and the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity.


Michael's writings on a variety of subjects


When I was little, I always used to look forwards to the last day of school. Not just because it meant that the holidays were close, but because it meant we were allowed to bring Read more…

Who am I?

For starters, the kind of person who immediately wants to follow up the question “Who am I?” with lyrics from Les Miserables. I really enjoy singing, even though I’m not very good at it (this Read more…