As well as presenting on the student radio station Cam FM, I’ve also appeared on a number of BBC local radio shows. I’ve answered listener questions on The Naked Scientists, talked about using quantum physics for security on the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast show, and discussed my own schools lecture “The Worst Ideas in Science” on BBC Radio Oxford.

I started broadcasting on Cam FM (formerly CUR 1350) in April 2010, when I started broadcasting the comedy news show “Burst the Bubble”. I broadcast over 60 episodes of “Burst the Bubble”, started the station’s first Improvised Comedy Panel Show, “Panel to the People” and hosted the Breakfast Show. I also took part in a number of outside broadcasts, including commentating on the Rugby League Varsity Match.

I also made my two comedy shows available as podcasts, and some of the episodes are still available:


  • Burst the Bubble was a news based comedy show, based on the week’s more unusual news. Although it was partially planned, most of it was improvised. This show started off with me and guests, but quickly changed to include Chris Smowton as a regular co-host. It was broadcast on Cam FM on Sundays (originally at 5pm, then later on at 4pm) . For more information and to listen to all of the episodes, click here. You can also sign up to the podcast using the links on the right.
  • Panel to the People is an improvised panel show. All of the contributions from the panellists are entirely made up on the spot, unlike most radio panel shows. The show has been recorded at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge, as well as the Music Centre at Churchill College. For more information, including future recording dates and to listen to recent episodes, click here. You can also sign up to the podcast using the links on the right.