Like so many people (hi everyone), I’m rubbish at New Year’s Resolutions. Probably because trying to come up with something for a year is something of a challenge – all the targets I could initially think of were things which would either be over before the year was more than a few months old, or I couldn’t realistically start them until the second half of the year. Failing that, all I was left with was vague wishes that I didn’t want to quantify (exercise more! be more creative!) – partly out of realism, but admittedly also partly out of a fear of failure (the numbers don’t lie, you’ve failed at this challenge!).

So, taking that into account, I’m going to focus on keeping up a steady stream of mini targets, which is probably the best way of going about this – hopefully I’ll be able to finish some more stuff that way, as that’s tended to be my achilles heel. This blog is an attempt to try keep myself accountable for these targets, and also provide somewhere to pour out any thoughts I have as I try out new things. If this blog can help others in a similar situation (or any situation really) that would be great, so if there are any specific aspects of my writing that you’re interested in, please comment below and I’ll see what I can do. Also please comment if you have any tips for me!

Current projects:

  • Science comedy set for this weekend
  • Silly stage play for local group, aiming to finish the script by the end of March.
  • Updating and practising my solo science comedy show “How is the Universe Like a Light Bulb” for the Cambridge Science Festival in March.
  • Actually updating the blog while working on the above.

That sounds like enough to be getting on with now, in a creative sense at least. Let’s see what we can achieve this year.


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